Mission Statement

Habayit is an Israeli-Palestinian organization that focuses on developing connections between Jewish and Palestinian residents from the neighboring and hostile communities in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, promotes activities based on respect for man and the Land, and raises the issue of the political future of the Land of Israel for public discussion.


The purpose of Habayit is to produce a gradual process from the bottom, between populations from the ground, that will lead to the formation of a political outline for a joint future, prosperity, security, and respect among the inhabitants of the Land, as different parts in one, whole and united picture.


Habayit is open exclusively to locals and opposes the intervention of foreign stakeholders in the conflict over the Land of Israel.

Values & Goals

1. The Home views as a supreme value the action for a common future among the inhabitants of the land, as different parts for the greater whole of its components - unity, not uniformity.


2. The Home focuses on building trust relationships between neighboring and hostile communities in Judea and Samaria as a cornerstone on the path towards true peace.


3. The Home promotes inclusive cooperation that is open to the wide range of identities, opinions and beliefs of the people of the land.


4. The Home designs a vision in the making and not a fixed and dogmatic solution, based on frequent reevaluations and critical thinking that is consistent with the historical facts, the reality that emerges on the ground and the vision for a joint future throughout the land and for all its inhabitants.


5. The Home is managed according to the principle of patience and gradualism, knowing that the long-standing conflict will not end overnight, and from the understanding that the Middle East, unlike the West, has its own unique concept of time.


6. The Home opens its door also to the extremists who have been excluded from the negotiations, especially to those who live the aspirations of their people to the fullest and see the land as one indivisible geographical unit.


7. The Home operates from the belief that the Jewish people have returned to the land of their forefathers and that the Arabs remained and will remain in the land as a result of God's will and for a common purpose that must be clarified.


8. The Home recognizes the various and unique connections of Jews and Arabs to all parts of the land.


9. The Home faces psychological, social, economic, intellectual and physical obstacles that prevent the creation of a framework for connecting the various parties, for example: The victim mentality, the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, the Israeli military rule, boycott movements, lack of funding for peace movements that do not support the two-state solution, and foreign organizations and governments perpetuating the conflict.


10. The Home opposes the partition of the land, the separation paradigm and the two-state solution based on the failed model of the Oslo Accords.


11. The Home supports the cancellation of the Oslo Accords and promotes a conceptual alternative to the traditional peace process, designed for the sole involvement and discretion of the residents of the entire Land of Israel.


12. The Home refuses to serve foreign interests, opposes the international community's intervention in the peace process, bypasses the peace industry which is sponsored and influenced by external parties, and negates the concept of “2 states for 2 people" which failed to bring peace in the recent decades.


13. The Home believes that the conflict over the land of Israel is also adversely affecting the entire Middle East, causing distance between the peoples that leads to missed opportunities for spiritual and economic blessing. Inter-regional cooperation will bring flourishing for the Middle East, and for both the State of Israel and the Arabs who will be part of it to their natural place, as part of the Semitic peoples family, our father Abraham, and eventually lead together the human civilization that believes in one God.