Political Outlines


At this stage, The Home promotes and supports the following political outline:


1. Restoration of Israeli sovereignty to all C areas.

2. The application of Israeli law to approximately 50,000 residents in the western rural area of ​​Bethlehem: Hussan, Batir, Wadi Fukin and Nahalin.

3. Regional governance for the Arabs of Judea and Samaria based on Dr. Mordechai Kedar's Emirates plan.




Instead of the failed attempt to divide the land and establish a Palestinian state, we propose to add a new and unique level of government to the State of Israel - thus allowing a gradual opening of its door to Judea and Samaria Palestinians and their acceptance as part of Israel, as residents or as citizens. The common political system will be reflected where Jews and Israeli Arabs will experience it as a Jewish state and Israeli sovereignty over the entire Land of Israel, and Judea and Samaria Palestinians will experience it as self-governing based on democratic values. The degree of independence of these Emirates and their relations with the State of Israel will be determined in the next stages of the overall process.




The Political Principles of The Home:


1. The political goal of The Home is to create an alliance between the State of Israel and the Jewish people and the Palestinians and the variety of tribes and communities in Israel and end the war between the nations.

2. The Home supports a gradual restoration of Israeli sovereignty to all parts of the land.

3. The Home supports the end of Israeli military rule over Judea and Samaria Palestinians.

4. The Home supports equal human rights for all residents of the land: Freedom of movement, equality under the law and personal and collective security.

5. The Home supports equal political opportunities and the provision of civil rights that are conditioned upon the receipt of duties for all Israeli residents.

6. The Home supports the economic unification of the entire land and the partnership of all its inhabitants in shaping their economic future.

7. The Home supports the drafting of a single constitution for all Israeli residents.

8. The Home supports the addition of a level of regional government to the State of Israel, which will ensure equal human rights and equal political opportunities for all its residents. The Home is promoting the addition of a regional government system, based on a combination of Arab federalism (according to the UAE outline), Western federalism (according to Switzerland's outline), and political values ​​from the Jewish Torah that is aligned with today's reality.


• The Home finds advanced and noteworthy attempts, such as Dr. Mordechai Kedar’s Emirates Plan and Aryeh Hess’s Canton Project, to be promoted, supported and integrated on our overall political outline. Combining their Middle Eastern and Western political views, we draw inspiration from these two thinkers to design and build a model of government which is based on models that already exist and function very successfully in prosperous countries in the world, and to adapt them to the unique needs of the land for all its inhabitants. Details on the regional government appear in the appendices attached to The Home’s political principles.


• Out of respect for the controversy in order to clarify a greater issue from all of us, the door of The Home is open to comprehensive and local discussions. In addition to people who see with us eye to eye, we invite to this important discussion as well, and most importantly, the opinionists with whom we have disputes that oppose the outline we are promoting. The Home is open to discussion on all peace plans, including those that do not match our values, including the 2-state solution.


• The Home is obligated to examine every local political plan and every original political idea from the people of the land.


• The Home supports a concept that incorporates several political ideas that align with our values ​​into one vision.


• The Home retains the right to continue polishing the political outline until the conditions for a final and agreed formula will be ripe.