Political Outlines




We are opening the door to a discussion of new political solutions that will allow a gradual opening of the door for Palestinians in Judea & Samaria and their acceptance as part of Israel, not out of setbacks and concessions, but out of strength and advancement of the two parties deepest aspirations.




The political principles of Habayit:


1. The overarching political goal of Habayit is to create an alliance between the State of Israel and the Jewish people and the Palestinians and the diversity of identities and communities in the Land of Israel and to end the war between the peoples.

2. Habayit opposes the principle of lands in exchange for peace.

3. Habayit opposes the displacement of Jewish or Palestinian communities.

4. Habayit opposes the involvement of foreign organizations and governments in the peace process and in shaping the Land’s future political outlines.

5. Habayit supports the restoration of Israeli sovereignty to all parts of the Land, and in a way that gives rights and respect to all its residents.

6. Habayit supports the end of the Israeli military rule over the Palestinians in Judea & Samaria and its replacement by police forces designed to enforce the law and order on a civilian population, Jewish or Palestinian.

7. Habayit supports equal human rights for all residents of Israel: Freedom of movement, freedom of expression, equality before the law and personal and collective security.

8. Habayit supports the drafting of a single constitution common to all residents of Israel.

9. Habayit supports the economic unity of the Land and the partnership of all its residents in shaping its economic future.

10. Habayit supports the unity of Jerusalem and its status as an undivided capital city for all the inhabitants of the Land, and for making the Temple Mount accessible to all believers in one God.


• Habayit is obligated to examine every local political plan and every original political idea by the residents of the Land.

• Habayit is open to an idea that combines several political ideas that match our values ​​into one vision.

• Habayit reserves the right to continue to polish the political outlines until the conditions for a final and agreed formula are ripe.