ועד הבית


Inon Dan Kehati

Founder & Chairman of The Home

Born in Israel 1980, descendant of a Jewish family from Yemenite and Ashkenazi origin. 


His late grandfather, Moshe Kehati, who made the long way from the Arab peninsula towards Jerusalem on donkeys at the age of 4, was the president of the Yemenite Jewish community and one of the land redeemers in mandatory Palestine/The Land of Israel during the era of the British occupation.

His late grandfather, Tzvi Danziger, left the orthodox way of life and made Aliyah before WW2, which saved him from the bitter fate of the rest of his family members who were murdered along with most of the European Jewish communities during the holocaust.


Served full military service in the IDF as a bootcamp instructor at Zikim. 

Holds a B.A in governance, diplomacy and strategy with expertise on Middle East studies at the IDC Hertzeliyah.


Along with being secular, Inon views the Torah, the vision of the prophets of Israel and the Israeli Declaration of Independence as the main guidelines for just and righteous peace with the Palestinians and the rest of the people in the area.

Inon founded The Home in 2014, and combines political vision with action on the ground based on personal connections with the Arab and the Jewish residents in Judea and Samaria.

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Rudy Rochman

Activist For Jewish & Israel Rights

Rudy Rochman is a Jewish & Israel Rights activist with over 80,000 followers on social media; creating educational viral content aimed at shifting the global, ideological, and political conversations regarding the Jewish People & Israel. His work primarily focuses on empowering the next generation of Jews & allies, uniting sectors of Israeli society to craft a better reality for all living in the land, and generating innovative ways to combat anti-Semitism.


Rudy was born in France and grew up moving around the world from Paris, Miami, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, New York and Israel. After his military service in the IDF Paratroopers, he attended Columbia University and founded the grassroots pro-Israel movement on campus, which revolutionized campus discourse through ground-breaking activism. It quickly became the flagship chapter for the several international Zionist movements, which spread to over 50 campuses worldwide. 


In 2018, Rudy was chosen for the 36 Under 36 award of most influential Jews in the world for his work and activism. Rudy also runs his own businesses, is currently completing his master’s business degree (MBA) in Israel and is a delegate in the World Zionist Congress for the Vision slate. 


As a leader in HaBayit, he focuses on uniting Israeli and Palestinian activists to create a better collective and more holistic reality for all inhabitants of the land, while fighting to end the injustices they experience and without giving up on the aspirations of either population.


Kay Wilson

Media Personality

Motivated by Zionism and a search for meaning, in the 1980’s Kay Wilson left the comfort her native England to be part of her land and people. While working as a tour guide in 2010, she and her Christian friend were attacked with machetes by 2 Palestinian terrorists. Kay survived but her friend did not. Following a long recovery, she has addressed a variety of audiences all over the world including the United Nations, delivered a TED talk and has been interviewed widely on radio and television inside and outside of Israel. She lobbies governments to raise awareness of the Palestinian Authority’s misuse of foreign aid, given as monthly salaries to her would-be murderers. Together with a Palestinian friend, she created an educational after-school project for Palestinian children to equip them to reject adults who exploit them for Jihad. Kay stabbing the terrorist and playing dead, led to the capture of her attackers. She been recognized by the Israel Police and the Israeli Security Agency for her courage. The terror attack was the subject of an acclaimed Israeli documentary, “Black Forest,” broadcast in 2018. Kay has recently published her memoir, “The Rage Less Traveled.”


Yishai Fleisher

The International Spokesperson Of The Jewish Community In Hebron

Yishai Fleisher is the international spokesperson of the Jewish community in Hebron. In addition, Yishai is a publicist and podcaster, and was the content manager for two English-language radio stations in Israel. Yishai fought for Israeli rights in Judea and Samaria, and wrote an article on alternatives to the two-state solution in the New York Times. Yishai fought a UNESCO decision that defined the Cave of the Patriarchs as a Palestinian heritage site, and as a result, a snowball began to roll until the US left the organization in protest. Yishai loves constitutional planning, and got to write the first bill of immigration day that became law in the State of Israel. Yishai was born in Israel to parents who were immigrants from the Soviet Union and grew up in the United States. He is a graduate of the Ma'aleh Adumim Yeshiva, served as a paratrooper, and holds a master's degree in law.


Aryeh Hess

Founder Of The Canton Project

Aryeh is a retiree from the Jewish agency and the World Zionist Organization. 

In his last duty, he was the manager of the Zionist council in Israel. Aryeh was also an active member in the Israeli Labor party for many years and founder and co-chairman of the Movement for the Empowerment of Jerusalem.

Today, Aryeh is publicly known for being the founder and co-chairman of the Federation Movement, which promotes an Israeli canton based federal government in order to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which is the result of studying the successful governmental models of Switzerland and Canada, while searching for a way to implement it in the Land of Israel in its entirety.


Yehuda HaKohen

Founder Of The Alternative Action

Rabbi Yehuda HaKohen is a West Bank Jewish peace activist and a teacher at several Jerusalem institutions. As a leader in the Alternative Action movement, he organizes grassroots dialogue sessions for Palestinian and Israeli activists seeking to transcend competing one-sided narratives in favor of a more scientific analysis of the factors forcing both peoples into conflict.


Miriam & Israel Kalman

Founders Of Bullies 2 Buddies

Miriam Kalman was born into a Yemenite family and raised in Nachlat Yehudah, Rishon Lezion. Her rather was a rabbi, a shochet and a mohel. Since childhood, Miriam has dreamed of living in peace in with our Arab cousins in the land of Israel.  For 27 years she lived and raised her three children in NY, always missing home terribly

Miriam helped create and run Bullies to Buddies, Inc., with her husband. The company provides training for individuals,schools and organizations to reduce bullying and aggression by the application of the Golden Rule. Miriam believes that the Bullies to Buddies spirit could help usher in an age of peace in the land of Israel in particular and the world in general.

Israel “Izzy” Kalman has been a school psychologist and psychotherapist for four decades. The son of Holocaust survivors, he was born and raised in New York, where has lived most of his life. He lived in Israel between 1978 and 1988, and moved here again at 2015.

Izzy has developed a powerful yet simple and fun approach for reducing hostility and aggression by teaching people to treat others like friends rather than enemies. He is seeking to promote the use of his principles to improve relations between Jews and Arabs.

Batyah Rubashkin Headshot.JPG

Emunah Batyah Rubashkin

Social Activist

Emunah Rubashkin is a journalist, activist and serves as the Associate Director of the Jerusalem-based Center for Near East Policy Research. Born in 1977 in Riga, Latvia during the Soviet era, she emigrated to the U.S. as a baby, as a refugee with her parents, seeking political asylum. Graduating from Brooklyn College with a BA in Journalism, she spent all of her adult life working in community / non-profit organizations in New York. After making Aliyah to Jerusalem in 2004, she joined the Center for Near East Policy Research as an intern and is now serving as its' Associate Director.